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Welcome to Bamboo Outfitters

The following three ways are our speciality

Indoor Archery Range

Let’s take things Medieval

Indoor Gun Range

Are you a civilian? Want to use a gun? Learn the right way

Byron Ferguson

Learn how to shoot like the legend himself



Best Outdoor

Bamboo Outfitters Facilities

We have acres and acres of land that is waiting to be explored

Big Game Hunting

Venture into the thickest of terrain with our rangers

Outdoor Sports

Let’s break a sweat


Survive in the wilderness

Hunting Gallery

Hunting Guide

Learn about the ways of the wild from those who have lived to tell the tale

Information Brochure


Awesome Places

Be enthralled by the most beautiful greenery

Recreation Report

Take a look at all the fun that we do


Think you are as good as Christopher Colombus


Let’s kick things into overdrive
Can you survive? Do you think you have what it takes to beat the island and your competitors to the throne? Then Sign up today
Go on a solo trip to get some inner peace
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